There is tomorrow!

For whatever reason, we tend to extend our working duration, impacting sleep, diet, health. We forget about the days, weeks, years ahead of us. A small reminder for all the workaholics out there, that there is TOMORROW!

You might have heard about the famous dialogue from Rocky III, “There is no tomorrow!”. Watch the video 

Yes, the coach is right. There is no tomorrow!  Do it today! DO IT NOW! Now is the time. Never will you get the right time. 

And hold on, there is tomorrow, and YES, you have to work as well.

There is always tomorrow! Go slow, take some rest, and come back strong“.

I generally do this thing of extending work overnight and ending up very unproductive on the next day doing nothing. It so happens that I sleep extra during the day hours of the next day or won’t be able to focus on work. 

With Lockdown in place and work from home, I broke my regular schedule and started working in an ad hoc way. That, in turn, increased the number of cigarettes, no regular exercise or run, and very unhealthy eating habits. On top of it, the work didn’t happen as expected.  

When I analyzed, I figured out that when I extended my work to the night, there used to be good progress that night. But as a downside, 

  • skipped workout routines
  • slept extra hours in the daytime
  • fallen sick many times
  • overall productivity was down (less money flow)
  • was putting me under unnecessary stress

Based on the analysis, I got a fixed day calendar with the scheduled time for exercise, work, eat, and sleep. I’ve kept my extended work nights only to Friday nights or only when I plan not to work on the next day. 

So, if you are extending your nights beyond the limit on the pretext of completing work, Remember. There is tomorrow! and you have to work again.

Krishne Gowda

Krishne Gowda

A Designer by heart and a Developer by the soul 20+ years of web designing and development while being a barefoot runner, entrepreneur, CEO, blogger, trainer, and speaker; Still dreaming of being a full-time farmer one day. He believes in "when you don't have a story, create one!"
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5 Responses

  1. Nicely written on one if the important issues.
    Many a times we work for long hours loosing sleep. Loosing good sleep leads to various health problems including even cancer.

    ” There is tomorrow ” title itself gives a positive feeling.
    Thank you

  2. It’s a beautiful thought Kris. We are all racing as if there’s no tomorrow. It’s time to take life a little easy and go the distance by living a meaningful life. Sages have told us to stop and smell the flowers. That is exactly the message we all must assimilate. Keep writing, take breaks too 🙂

  3. Very well observed. Work from home isn’t going to be easy. It kills that physical separation between work and personal life space. Disciplined schedule is the key for balanced life.

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