Challenge Yourself – 100 days of Running

After a failed attempt where I ran for 65 days, I'm ready to take on the 100-day running challenge once again. This time, I'm better prepared both mentally and physically. I've learned from my previous experience and I'm determined to succeed this time around. I know it won't be easy, but I'm excited to challenge myself and see what I'm capable of achieving. Follow me on my journey as I push myself to new limits and reach for my fitness goals.

Being an entrepreneur is stressful, mainly if things don’t fall your way for a long time. In the last 13 years as an entrepreneur, I have seen success come and go, friends come and go, and relations come and go. For many of us in this ecosystem, success is money. Even it came and went 😊. After facing intimidation, sadness, rejection, and hatred, I was depressed. I thought: “I was a tough guy and should never give up”. I’d put up that smiling face all over, and things kept going wrong as usual. As an after-effect, I started feeling lonely, and my mind was suicidal.

I’d never give up; giving up was not an option in front of me. I challenged myself to focus and take things slow and steady to win over this material world. I believe that everything starts with discipline and consistency. A healthy body helps you have a healthy mindset. So, I started 100 days of running on 10th May 2022. But however, I failed. I could only complete 65 days and had to stop for various reasons.

Reasons for failure

When I analyzed the reasons for failure, I found that 

  • not scheduling a fixed time for my run
  • not having a realistic workout plan 
  • trying to do too many things at a time
  • not having an accountability partner

New Plan – 100 days of running

So here I am with a plan of 100daysofrunning challenge, which works as my practice runs for my 46km birthday barefoot run on August 31st, 2023.

The plan is as follows:

  • The challenge starts on April 15th, 2023
  • Goal: Run or walk a minimum of 5K every single day for 100 days
  • Scheduling time: Scheduling the run on a fixed time (5.30 am till 6.30 am)
  • Journaling Plan: I’ve decided to document my entire 100-day journey through both video and blog formats. To achieve this, I will dedicate an hour every day, right after the workout (6:30 am to 7:30 am), to this task.
  • Staying accountable: I will ensure accountability by sharing my progress on social media and creating a WhatsApp group called ‘My Wolf Pack.‘ This group will consist of like-minded individuals who can either take up their challenges or offer motivation and support.

It’s not just about running; it’s about challenging yourself and discovering what you are capable of. The previous challenge taught me the power of consistency and the importance of accountability. Join me in this journey of getting fit and more disciplined. Challenge yourself and see you all on the other side.

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Krishne Gowda

Krishne Gowda

A Designer by heart and a Developer by the soul 20+ years of web designing and development while being a barefoot runner, entrepreneur, CEO, blogger, trainer, and speaker; Still dreaming of being a full-time farmer one day. He believes in "when you don't have a story, create one!"
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