Got 60 Seconds? Will this be the new TikTok

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A potential TikTok replacement app. Got 60 Seconds, which is available for both Andriod and iOS mobiles. It's simple and easy to use. Features like teleprompter add up the whole new experience for the content creators.

Kiruba Shanker, one of the driving forces behind my journey, just launched a beautiful video app named Got 60 Seconds. It’s so simple, intuitive, easy to use. And this can be a potential replacement for TikTok.

Yes, it needs more enhancements and features. But to get started, it is simply awesome!

I guess the whole of India is craving for a video app after the Indian Government banned TikTok. And even worse after it recently banned PubG. Got 60 Seconds has some cool features, which makes it safe for all audiences.

  • Curated content: Unlike other apps, the content here is curated. Once you upload the video, content gets curated. Which makes this platform safer.
  • The teleprompter feature is cool if someone wants to talk or give a message.

For all the TikTok crazy fans, here is the links to download.

Link to their website

iOS app download link

Android app download link

Krishne Gowda

Krishne Gowda

A Designer by heart and a Developer by the soul 20+ years of web designing and development while being a barefoot runner, entrepreneur, CEO, blogger, trainer, and speaker; Still dreaming of being a full-time farmer one day. He believes in "when you don't have a story, create one!"

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