Comedy of errors….

This is utter nonsense…. Is there any cricketer there in the think tank of the Bangalore Royal Challengers? They send this under 19 players, to open who have continuously failed. And on top of it, they play as if they are playing a test match and get 30 runs in 10 overs. And the kind of the players they have in playing eleven are either test players or under 19’s, big hitters never get a chance to play (If at all they get a chance, they get to bat when they require 100 runs in 5 overs or when 5 down). We all know 20 – 20 is all about batting and hitting sixes and fours.

And I must say about this guy, GoSwami….. Man look at his debut match. All the credit must go to Virender Sehwag for gifting him a Fifty. As he wanted to give another under 19 guy one more chance, there it happened a battle between this two under 19’s which GoSwami won. I agree he has got some class but not as opener. And then this Virat kohli… At least our good old Jaffer was far better (any idea why he is not playing).

And I saw a placardBest thing in Bangalore Royal Challengers: Cheer girls– Absolutely true… even they are not coming on screen more often… very sad.

Will Kumble do some miracle here… he just finished his quota of 4 overs, 3 for 14 runs… I haven’t lost hope 🙂 …. Chennai needs 39 runs from 33 balls, 4 down.

This One… What a catch… Way to go Kallis… Chennai 6 down…24 balls 34 runs…

And at last, what a over from Praveen Kumar… and they won and broke the jinx….

And what a match it was between Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings XI. Hard luck Tendlya…. It was supposed to be your match…

Krishne Gowda

Krishne Gowda

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