5 Life Lessons I learned – Guru Purnima

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Here are 5 essential life lessons I learned, which helped me shape up my life. On this day of Guru Purnima, I'd like to thank all the mentors, coaches, family, and friends who helped me stay tough during the rough phases of my life.

Life over some time teaches a lot of lessons, many times we just ignore them and keep falling into the same trap. Here are my top 5 life lessons for you.

Stay Calm

My dad told me to think of Amulya (My daughter), whenever I got angry. (I guess that’s the only advice he ever gave me.) There were times when I used to burst into anger. And you know in that fit of rage, things go out of control. There is a beautiful life ahead, think of it, make it happen.

Good is Better Than Perfect

Siva Devireddy of Gocoop.com – reminded me of this famous quote. I was trying to make things perfect and never used complete work. If I look back and analyze my failures, being perfect is what mostly stopped me. Getting out of that mindset is very crucial for your success. Do not hesitate to start with whatever you have. You will be Perfect in no time.

Start With Aiming For The Low Hanging Fruits

Srijata Bhatnagar told me to hang on to what I was doing and guided me to “Start with aiming for the low hanging fruits, rather than trying for those higher ones”! Get started with those smaller goals, which you can achieve effortlessly. Then keep pushing your limits.

One step at a time

With so many successful people and their fancy lifestyles around us, we tend to do a lot of things at a time and end up as a failure. Take it easy to go one step at a time.

  • Create your plan
  • Do one thing at a time
  • Stay focussed

Make sure you implement your life lessons into practice. (That is where we fail badly. We tend to make the same mistakes again and again.)

Health is Wealth

Sanjay & Sushma – I used to be amused whenever I saw them run every day even after long work schedules. Thanks for inspiring me to run and being persistent. It helped me move towards a fit lifestyle. Being a techie with a big paycheque, we tend to get into unhealthy habits, which may dampen our health and growth.

Focus on your physical fitness. That’ll also boost your mental fitness and help you reap success. Go for a run, do a 15-minute workout, give yourself an hour every day.

A heartfelt thanks to all my clients, teachers, mentors, coaches, friends, and family who helped me refine my way of life. 

You are not going to master the rest of your life in one day. 
Just Relax, Master the day.  
Keep doing it every day. 
Remember, there is no finish line.

Krishne Gowda

Krishne Gowda

A Designer by heart and a Developer by the soul 20+ years of web designing and development while being a barefoot runner, entrepreneur, CEO, blogger, trainer, and speaker; Still dreaming of being a full-time farmer one day. He believes in "when you don't have a story, create one!"

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  1. Your reflections convey your sincerity and your convictions. These life lessons are useful for all of us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Kris. Keep sharing.

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