write or read

am a newbie in this blog world. though i had attempted writing earlier, couldn’t write. infact couldn’t continue. i guess work and all other things in life made did not permit to do it.
now am planning to do it continuosly… also i want to improve my english… when i asked my dear freind vishwa about some good books on english writing, he told me

Kitti, Elements of Style is a must. It is a small book, but has a great deal of information in it. The Pen commandments by Steven Frank is a nice read. On Writing Well by William Zinsser is also a good book. There are many more, but this will suffice.

hopefully i’ll buy one of these books. one more hiccup here… if i buy a book… i have to start reading 🙂 what shall i do… start writing or reading…. confused….


am a Certified Usability Analyst, Web Developer, Design Strategist, an avid runner, cycling freak, environmentalist and what not....

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