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Running – what a way to get back to life….

I’ve seen many runners (people running away from love, people running away from doing their duty…. and am not talking about those cowards), but today i happened to see about this guy David Goggins (Thanks to Todd Reinhard and Vishwa for letting me know). What a runner he is. What made me to like him is his way of pushing the limits…

Chk this video

At one point he says the following, “I like to see what I’m made of… See exactly if there is a limit to the human soul.”

He goes on to say, “If you can see yourself doing something, you can do it.  If you can’t see yourself doing it, usually you can’t achieve it.”

He then says, “When you think you are done, you’re only 40 percent into what your body is capable of doing.  That’s just a limit that we put on ourselves.”

Forget the limit, many won’t even do what they are supposed do… pushing the limits may be dream to them…

Am trying to push the limits…. to run the sunfeast 2010 10K run in 60minutes, i know i can run that in 75 – 90 minutes…. am pushing myself, wish me luck….