Namaskara, am KriShne Gowda, a Entrepreneur,  Web Developer, Web Designer, Certified Usability Analyst. I’ve been building websites from past 16 years or I would say I’ve seen the mighty web grow in person. Am a passionate designer, and a hard core developer, a cook, runner, a cyclist and father of two beautiful girls.

Health is Wealth: they say, So do I


Yes, I do love cooking and to cook as well. Here you’ll find my experiments with cooking and healthy eating habbits


Cycling is one such passion of mine, where I would want to spend the day cycling around. Find more about my cycling adventures


I run and I just want to keep running. It is such an immense way of keeping myself high throughout…

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Halasuru Lake

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See the condition of the Halasuru lake, one of few lakes left in Bengaluru. These photos were taken on 26th April 2015. You can also see people catching fish and taking home. There is also an official fish stall which sells the fish there. With lake water contaminated, i doubt those fish are edible. While […]

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screenshot of the wordpress theme

personalised theme for my blog

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After long hours work its good to see some light at the end… my personalized theme is in place. Even though its not fully done,  am happy with the speed i could do it.  Hopefully will complete rest of its features quickly. Update: 01 June 2015 – A brand new responsive, lightweight theme is in […]

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week of anniversaries

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began this week with sort of simple workout and good thing is have been doing it the whole week. And by the way what a week it has been…. lot of unexpected things…. well i guess, its part and parcel of life. and yes this week is week of anniversaries, four of my friends share […]

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